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Adapting For 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic entering its second year, we have moved beyond a time of immediate repercussions to considerations for the longer term. How can we address this changing landscape?


Increased Asset Use, Consistent Management

In asset management, laboratory equipment like pipettes have seen increased usage to address research for the vaccines and treatments that are now launching worldwide. Qualer has met the demands of the time with consistent quality and availability to help keep assets tracked, and their servicing and compliance needs recorded and ready 24/7.


Take Away the Guesswork

As we navigate the constantly evolving pandemic era, and how it affects workflow in biotech and pharmaceutical organizations, answering change with readiness makes sense.

Having our calibration management software takes away much of the guesswork out of your laboratory asset status. Our cloud-based platform keeps documentation and servicing records at your fingertips, along with many other facets to our software. Have compliance peace of mind and a state of control and audit readiness. Learn more about our calibration software at:


Think Ahead to Audits

In many cases, regulatory audits might have been pushed back due to the need to reduce onsite presence for auditors due to the COVID-19 exposure risk. When workplace restrictions ease, we anticipate a return to regularly scheduled audits.

How can you be ready for this? By using a top-of-the-line asset management software that helps you be prepared before, during, and after audits return. Learn more about Qualer’s Lab Management Software:

Qualer stands ready to continue consistent excellence in quality and customer service. We listen to your needs, and we will help you adapt to this everchanging scenario over time.


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