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Improving Asset Management Through Collaboration

In decades past, asset management was a solitary endeavor. Each company and manufacturer focused on maintaining and improving their assets without any additional input from other organizations. Service events, repairs, and uninterrupted operations were the responsibility of the asset manager and they were required to devote the time, attention, and efforts needed to meet this responsibility - no matter what it cost personally.
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Laboratory Asset Management Is Thriving

Adherents Say These Services Reduce Costs, Decrease Response Times, and Increase Uptime By Gail Dutton See the original post on Are lab asset management services worth their salt?  Millennium Pharmaceuticals thinks so. A two-year relationship with  Thermo Fisher Scientific ( has trimmed its annual multimillion-dollar maintenance budget by 15–20% compared to what it would have paid the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), according to Jack Parker, associate director of asset management. Such cost savings tend only to accrue during the first three years of any lab asset management program, though. GE Healthcare (, with 10 years experience in healthcare asset management and multivendor service, says the greater benefit is increased service levels that result in more uptime.
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How Quality in the Asset Lifecycle Affects You

It’s no secret that our goal is to create a better asset lifecycle. Through our software, our continuous updates that are guided by your feedback, and the changes we are facilitating throughout the industry, we want to improve the lives of everyone involved.
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Finding Your Balance: Field Service vs Workshop Service

As a service provider, you have the option to focus on field servicing, workshop servicing, or a combination of both. Each has its own benefits for your business growth, competitiveness, and servicing abilities — though some may be more lucrative, depending on your focus. If you’ve wondered which type of service is better for you and your business, read through the analysis we’ve created for field service vs workshop service below.
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Asset Lifecycle Management - Choosing Quality Over Quantity

Over the past month, we’ve talked about quality in the Asset Lifecycle Management - how it looks in software, why we believe it applies to Qualer, and what it means for you. Like all important topics, however, our discussion on Asset Lifecycle Management isn’t over until we’ve turned information into action.
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Technology Trends in the era of COVID-19: Effects and Changes

The era of COVID-19 is a new frontier, full of uncertainties, anxiety, and fear. Yet looking beyond the dark lens of the threats to our livelihood, we must move forward and find solutions to the problems at hand. Studying the effects upon the industries affected by COVID-19’s fallout can help clarify what businesses need to focus on.
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Technology Trends in the Era of COVID-19: Remote Work and Looking Ahead

The COVID-19 crisis necessitates a new and evolving approach to doing business. Employers and employees alike must adapt to remote work, when in some cases this might not have been feasible before. How does remote work fit into industry? Furthermore, where do we go from here?
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Find What You Need for Critical Work: Qualer Search

With the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the importance of rapid research and production capabilities has never been greater. You need to maintain your laboratory assets at peak condition. To do that, you may need to search for accredited vendors outside of your typical partnerships. To maintain and calibrate your assets and find vendors based on various parameters, use Qualer search to ho help you meet your crucial needs.
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Ways Qualer Technology Can Make a Difference: COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has jolted all aspects of life. Within the life science and pharmaceutical industries, the repercussions of dealing with the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV2 has taken center stage. The rapidly changing knowledge about the virus and the resulting disease, COVID-19, has meant a race against time to find treatments, vaccines, and supplies to help make diagnostic testing rapid, streamlined, and accurate. Qualer provides numerous solutions to help at this time, and going forward.
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