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New Website, New Experience, New Qualer

Welcome to the new face of Qualer. If you visited our old site, you know it was past time for an update. We have spent the last few years improving our product offering and expanding our services, but our website didn’t reflect the new and exciting changes happening behind the scenes. With this new design, we’ve created a website that better reflects the transformative experience we offer to clients old and new.
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Outsourcing For Quality Calibrations

Proactive Partnering With Your Calibration Vendor Can Save You Time, Money, and Auditing Hassles By Shannon M. Spizzirri See the original post on They say, "If you want it done right, do it yourself." You've said it, I've said it, everyone has said it. But what happens when you must rely on an outside party to provide a service over which you'd prefer to have control? How do you identify work that can be performed in-house and work that should, or must, be performed elsewhere? How do you decide who should do the work? And how do you maintain compliance to your quality program when a third party does the work? What often begins as a simple procurement process can quickly become a complex quality issue. This is particularly true with outsourcing calibration services. The calibration of test and measurement instrumentation must meet quality requirements that are critical to employees' safety, your product's quality, and maintaining your accreditation programs and auditability. Trusting a third party to meet these requirements means not only making that leap of faith but also establishing a well-defined process for outsourcing calibrations.
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