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Facilities Management Direction: A Multi-faceted Role

Managers of Facilities operations face a challenging and multi-faceted role. Facilities Managers must provide management, support, and development, sometimes across multiple facilities. This is a leadership role, overseeing service providers and vendor support, employee performance, repair coordination, and more. Facilities managers must also collaborate with several other departments such as laboratories, security, environmental health, and other areas.

As a Facilities Manager, you ensure a safe, efficient, high quality environment. You ensure buildings are maintained and repaired, and you support preventative measures. You work as a liaison to safety services to ensure both employees and contractors are safe. System, equipment, and building improvements must be approved in your role. Generally, you are responsible for emergency support and management of several facility-related needs.

A Facilities Manager must interact with a broad range of departments and individuals to keep up safe operation and appearance for one or more facilities. There is a great need for efficiency in any systems or platforms used by a Facilities Manager. Such platforms need to provide detailed, up-to-the-minute information on personnel, equipment status, change control, and validation.


Qualer: Your Facilities Management Powerhouse

Given the demands and responsibilities of your role as Facilities Manager, you need the best platform to aid you in the many facets of your job. Qualer gives you extensive, rapid, Cloud-based access to everything you need.

With Qualer, you gain visibility into the next service due dates. You can digitally view service records and equipment service history, right at your fingertips. View past due or upcoming due date notifications.

Qualer also automates work order notifications for quicker response time and reporting. You can monitor employee performance with dashboard reports. Or you can view when an order is created or closed.

For planning, Qualer has you covered. Qualer offers Work Calendar and Dashboard reports. Use Qualer for vendor integration and automate how vendors service your specific assets. Use facilities ticketing for log requests for maintenance, serve, and repairs.


Welcome to Qualer: Quality You Can Trust

Qualer is a San Diego based company that offers a fully-validated asset, compliance, calibration, and service management platform designed to meet the evolving needs of regulated labs and facilities like yours. We are ready to help you excel in your Facilities Management direction.

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