Living Automatic


Living Automatic 

Why is it important to be automatic? This month we will be covering some of the very innovative features and functionalities of Qualer. A Few functions we will cover this week are automatic report generation, automatic tool selection, and automatic printing. The relationship between our everyday lives and automation has become more lucid. In such a high-work, fast pace life we naturally crave simplicity. The ability to know that when you want something to happen it will. We break the common rule of if you want something done do it yourself and have changed the paradigm to if you want something done…have it done automatically.

Automatic Generation of Reports - As a vendor I want certain reports to be generated automatically in response to the change of order status or work item status. This will improve efficiency of my work. Users also want to be able to disable manual generation of some types of reports. In accord with automatic generation, users can make it so that certain documents appear only in certain situations. For example, when order is delayed, a special report is generated for missing parts. Or when the order is completed, the invoice is generated. Like Automatic Printing, Automatic Generation of Reports cuts down on mundane clicks needed to generate desired reports.


Automatic Tool Selection - As a service technician, user’s are able to select a tool for use with multiple orders or assets.


Automatic Printing - Qualer created the Qualer Print application which is installed on a local computer & connects to a printer. This application listens to the pre-configured Qualer print queues and immediately sends incoming files to the configured printer without any additional questions or interactions. Automatic printing will save users time by cutting down on monotonous clicks needed to print a desired report or other output document.


These are only a taste of how many features and functionalities can be configured to an automatic setting to improve your business by expediting your work flow. We will be introducing new features / functionalities throughout the year according to customer needs in order to grow with our consumers.

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