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Metrology Trends: 3D Metrology Considerations

Metrology of the Present, Past, and Future

Metrology is the science of measurement used in manufacturing, production, scientific research, monitoring, and many more fields. While humanity has, over the centuries, used many devices to measure items, the modern world depends on extraordinary consistency for safety and efficacy of products and the machines that make them. The 21st Century now sees the rise of 3D metrology around the world.


What Is 3D Metrology?

As with any form of metrology, 3D metrology involves accurate measurement. It is performed with 3D optical scanners. This gives far greater visualization of parts, faster times for inspection, and yields more stringent results for the quality assurance of parts.

Additionally, 3D metrology offers the highest accuracy and precision in measurement offered today. An added advantage of 3D metrology is the ability to provide a wealth of data on various products without having to take them apart physically.


The Burgeoning 3D Metrology Market

With 3D metrology being a relatively new facet in the metrology arena, it has quickly become a valuable method, in line with the demands of the modern era. By 2025, it is estimated the global market for 3D metrology will reach $15 billion.

In addition to this projected demand, new technologies within 3D metrology itself will likely increase demand as they prove to be more efficient for production. For example, precision scanning by robots that can measure distances and positioning will become more prominent.


The Advantage of Robots

We live in an era in which science fiction rapidly becomes reality. This is certainly true in the field of metrology, and in particular 3D metrology.

“Smart manufacturing” features industrial robots as part of this new paradigm. Robots perform 3D metrology once equipped with the proper scanning capability, such as a 2D laser triangulation sensor. Such robots are used in many industries, such as the automobile, aircraft, and even robot production industries. These collaborative robots are also nicknamed “cobots” and can work alongside humans to build a better future for measurement.

The accuracy of 3D metrology robots must also be taken into consideration. And as with all metrology devices, calibration is key to maintaining the highest accuracy possible for consistent, safe production of goods.


The Future Is Now

Given the rapid acceleration of smart technology, it is no surprise that metrology would eventually follow suit. Exciting developments such as “cobot” 3D metrology robots are only one such aspect of this robust field.

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