Choosing Your Asset Service Provider

Your organization’s success is dependent on the condition of your assets. To ensure smooth operations and complete compliance, you need an asset service provider that offers reliable service and the calibration capabilities your assets require.

Though you can find hundreds of vendors that can meet these criteria, it’s also important to find a lab that can make your work easier. When choosing your asset service provider, use these questions to find a vendor that is the best option for your assets and organizations.


1. What are their calibration capabilities?

Asset calibration is your biggest concern when choosing an asset service provider. Your assets require specific calibrations, so your asset service provider must have the equipment needed to offer these services. When considering vendors, research the repairs and adjustments they offer. You need your assets to be within their specified limits and accuracies to stay compliant, so find a company that can meet your exact needs. By using a tool such as Qualer Search, you can look for asset service providers by location and calibration capabilities. This will give you a comprehensive and helpful picture of your options and ensure you find the services you need.


2. What is the quality of their services?

One of the best ways to measure each calibration lab’s quality is to evaluate their accreditation's. Accreditation's such as the ISO 9001 or ISO/IEC 17025 help ensure the level of competence and calibration quality, so limit your choices to vendors with these accreditation's. Turnaround time is another important consideration when choosing an asset service provider. Downtime causes costly and frustrating disruptions to your organization’s operations, so quick and high-quality service is a must. Finally, ask potential vendors about their service certificates. These documents and the information they offer are vital for your compliance and customer satisfaction. By asking an asset service provider for a sample of their service certificates, you can have peace of mind about the documentation and level of service they offer.


3. Do they use calibration management software?

While some would consider calibration management software an exciting benefit, digital support from your asset service provider is a must. With this software, your vendor can provide service certificates, service histories, and up-to-date information about services that are in progress. When you can quickly access this data online, without having to rely on your asset service provider for hard copies, it can relieve much of the stress involved with your job and support the work you’re doing.

We understand the importance of having immediate, comprehensive access to your servicing data, so we offer this information to the customers of every asset service provider who joins our Qualmmunity. When you hire a vendor who uses Qualer, you gain immediate access to your servicing data through a portal dedicated to your organization. Best of all, this feature is free-of-charge to all of our clients’ customers. By choosing a asset service provider that uses our software, you can make your job easier and stay up-to-date on all your asset service developments and needs.


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