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Qualmmunity: Exploring the Collaborative Ecosystem

Welcome to the Qualmmunity

Qualer was never meant to be just an asset and service event management software. Instead, we created a solution that facilitates more productive collaboration throughout the industry and supports the efforts of every asset stakeholder.

Finding new ways to transform and improve the lives of our clients and stakeholders is our greatest mission. With our collaborative ecosystem, we’ve created an innovative and intuitive way to accomplish your asset and lifecycle management goals.


1. More than software

Innovation is one of the most important parts of our mission. Rather than offering a solution that adds a few bells and whistles to asset and service management, we created Qualer to completely change the thinking and processes involved with our industry. With our cloud-based architecture, intuitive processes, and features that eliminate the redundancies and uncertainties of asset management, we are transforming asset stakeholder responsibilities and giving your time back. Qualer was never meant to be just another option for asset and service event management. It was meant to be the future.


2. A collaborative community

Asset stakeholders interact every day. Whether you work directly with a service provider or face an audit, your success depends on the conversations and relationships you build with these stakeholders. When creating Qualer, we focused on offering a solution that facilitates these interactions and improves their results. More important, we developed our Qualmmunity to move these interactions beyond conversations.

Now, our solution is not an asset-minded version of social media. Instead, it’s a system that enables stakeholders to work together in a way that reduces their individual responsibility and improves the work they do. When servicing an asset, for example, Qualer allows both parties to see and receive an alert when the product is due for service. With this awareness, customizable servicing forms, and access to information about the asset’s specific needs, vendors can do their work without needing to involve the asset manager. Direct access to the cloud enables instant uploading of service certificates and notes, allowing other relevant parties to stay up-to-date in real time without demanding more of their time or attention.

With these connections and improvements, our collaborative ecosystem enables you to do more in less time and opens your time for the things that are most important.


3. Preparing for the future

Any solution is useless if it doesn’t meet current needs while also enabling future changes. Qualer offers capabilities that streamline and improve current asset and service event management processes, but also help prepare organizations for future changes. By facilitating conversations that produce change for future industry legislation and improving the methods we use to achieve results, we are empowering asset and service management both now and in the future.


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