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Finding Your Balance: Field Service vs Workshop Service

As a service provider, you have the option to focus on field servicing, workshop servicing, or a combination of both. Each has its own benefits for your business growth, competitiveness, and servicing abilities — though some may be more lucrative, depending on your focus.

If you’ve wondered which type of service is better for you and your business, read through the analysis we’ve created for field service vs workshop service below.

Workshop Service

When you offer workshop services, you remove your clients’ assets from their locations and bring them back to your facility for servicing. For many service providers, this type of servicing is most practical for the work you do. Since you conduct your calibrations in your own labs, you don’t have to worry about mobile equipment or the logistics of working in another location. You can control the servicing environment to ensure the most accurate results. Since you’re bringing the asset to your workshop for servicing, you can prepare a better setup that meets the exact needs of the service.

Earning accreditation for your workshop services is easier than the process for field services, so this is the most ideal option if you want a simple process. When expanding your business and increasing revenue, however, stationary services can often hurt your business’ appeal. Turnaround time may suffer from the need to remove assets, which is turn-off for some asset owners. Instead, many of these potential clients look for the increased flexibility offered by field services.


Field Service

For many service providers, field service opens many previously closed doors. Field servicing involves using mobile equipment to calibrate and service assets at the client’s location, so this allows access to a new pool of clients. When assets are too big or difficult to remove from the field, these clients rely on vendors who offer field services. Every business needs new clients to grow, so field servicing is ideal for reliably increasing your revenue and improving your customer satisfaction.

While field services can benefit your business in several ways, it can also create greater costs and issues. To work in the field, you need mobile calibration equipment and reliable workflows for recording your service data. You can’t always control the environment you work in, which can be difficult for some jobs. With the right tools, field service can be immensely helpful to your business, but without them, it may be more harmful than beneficial.



A happy medium is often the best solution and field service vs workshop service is no different. By offering both field servicing and workshop servicing, you can appeal to asset owners of all kinds. While it may be more expensive to offer both, the expanded client pool can help balance the extra costs with a higher revenue and greater opportunities.

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